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Postcode Lookup

Postcode lookup service of the UK postcodes. Calculates approx miles between drops.


Enter expenses to either job, vehicles or Drivers / Subcontractors for easy reporting


View Customer reports ,Driver/ Subcontractor reports, and Vehicle Reports.


Holds driver details as well as costs and vehicle details, Generate drivers payments and much more.

Simple Freight Scheduling Software

Simple freight scheduling is the UK's leading logistics software solution, enabling clients to efficiently plan, manage and carry out the entire logistics process. If you deliver anything, We are thesolution for your business.

simple freight is flexible so it fits your business processes, and can be tailored to do exactly what you need, when you need it.

Don't change your business to fit your software. Change your software to fit your business.

Our experience within the industry means we can understand the specific ways your business works and we make sure that our software meets your requirements. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to understand our clients needs, and with the flexibility of Simple Freight there is no requirement we can't fulfil!


Free help & advice

Up and running in hours

24/7 Support

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